Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Designer Mystery Block of the Month #9 and MQX West

This is the 9th block in this series -- just 3 more to go! I do enjoy putting these blocks together, but they are time consuming. I think I have the setting all planned out once I have the blocks completed, but that will probably be a few months down the road at my current pace!

DM BOM Block 9

I have also been working on the October Stash Bee blocks -- they are really cute, but I think I'll wait until I have all four blocks complete before I post about them.

Finally, last week I was able to attend MQX West, the Machine Quilter's Expo.  It was SO cool!  I was somewhat intimated at first, thinking I might be out of my league.  But it all turned out great -- I met some nice people, and everyone was very enthusiastic and supportive. 

I was able to take a handful of classes, including classes from Angela Walters and Gina Perkes.  These are examples of Angela's and Gina's quilting awesome-ness.

This is a sample that Angela brought to class on quilting modern quilts.  The straight lines were done with a ruler, but everything else was free-hand FMQ.

Another section of the same quilt by Angela Walters -- she demonstrated both quilting motifs during class.

This is Gina Perkes' blue ribbon quilt that was on display -- it is called "Ambrosia."  The quilting was completely hand-guided.  I always wonder how long a project like this took?
Detail of quilting motif from Gina Perkes' Ambrosia quilt.  This picture is just an example of how intricately quilted and pieced this quilt was -- absolutely amazing.


Shontelle said...

Your block is looking lovely. And that quilting is out of this world. Thanks for sharing. x

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Gorgeous photos! So much inspiration!