Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cherry red with silver racing stripes, the summer shorts model

My 1st grader has a red t-shirt from summer camp that he loves. Like any fashion-forward seven-year-old, he asked for a pair of red shorts to match his red shirt and the red socks he was wearing that day.

I obliged, because it's not often my boys ask me to make them clothing. (I just hope he doesn't follow through with the all-red outfit.)

This is the Kid Shorts (pattern by Made) with the racing stripes option. These shorts are just about the most adorable thing I've made in a long time. I love them. I've got several more planned for both boys, and I threatened to make Mr. Elvy a pair in an adult version.

For a size 7, these shorts required only a half-yard of a wide-ish (maybe 50"?) remnant of red denim from my stash. The bias trim is also from the scrap bin (probably gray kona).

See that t-shirt? It's the Banyan Tee by Figgy's. I made it last summer with left over jersey knit from my scoop top. (YES, we do have matching mom-and-boy tees!) But this t-shirt was such a hurried affair, and I didn't like the way to collar turned out that I didn't even bother to hem the thing.

Here are details of the plain-front option and the back pockets. Seriously cute. Or maybe it's just the boy I find so cute!