Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recent Longarm Quilting Adventures (Lots of Pics)

I'm still working on the sashing and border for the Hullabaloo sampler quilt, so I don't have any interesting WiP pictures to show you today.  Instead, I thought I would talk about some amazing quilt tops that I've had the pleasure of quilting recently.

This first one is by Jennifer of Seams Crazy. Jennifer did a spectacular job piecing this American flag tribute.  Do you see all those curved seams?  Even more impressive in real life.

Jennifer chose a stars-and-loop pattern for the quilting, which was perfect.  It didn't overpower the quilt but instead blended into the background nicely, so the focus stayed on the piecing.

As a last note, go check out Jennifer's blog -- she has some mad applique skills going on over there that shouldn't be missed.

These next quilts were sent to me by Anna, yet another talented sewist and quilter.  The first one is Anna's interpretation of Chopsticks.  I've always thought this pattern was lovely, so I'm glad Anna gave me the opportunity to quilt it up without actually having to piece it myself!

Chopsticks by Anna

The quilting pattern is called Pretty Plumes, which is the same one I did for this quilt. I really like how it gives the quilt texture, but again without detracting from the piecing.  Here's a view of the back of the quilt:

Quilting Pattern - Pretty Plumes

These next two are Anna's granny square quilts.  They use the same block pattern, but the different color combinations resulted in two quilts that are strikingly different.
Granny Squares by Anna
Granny Squares by Anna
Here are the back views of the granny square quilts -- like I said, completely different color interpretations!

Quilting Pattern - Mountain Laurel

Quilting Pattern - Oh My Feathers
Thanks again to Jennifer and Anna for entrusting me with their quilts! 


Anna said...

I am so excited to get those quilts back! They look so wonderful! Thanks for your beautiful work.

cheeky monkey said...

Amazing! So sad that you are so far away! It looks great

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feature Linh! You did a great job on my quilt, and I love the display of the feather and plumes you used on Anna's as well. I've got my next quilt picked out for you ... just waiting on that next paycheck!

Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy said...

Beautiful Linh! Love them all :)
Just finishing up piecing the back of the bird-beast (that's it's new name...) and it'll be in the mail! Yippee!!