Friday, November 30, 2012

Stash Bee Block for Laura

These were just about the silliest (in a good way) blocks I've ever done.  Enough said, take a look for yourselves.

Pumpkin This is Pumpkin, our almost 10-year-old pug. When she was a pup, her coat was a nice, glossy black. Now in her mature years, her muzzle and chest have gone gray, so we call her Gray Beard.  She refuses to respond to that name.

Laura, the Queen Bee for the November Stash Bee, wanted everyone to do portraits (one self-portrait, and one of a pet), so this is my self-portrait:

Self Portrait

This is the real Pumpkin -- the picture was taken at an odd angle, so her head is not really that huge (in case you were wondering).

Pumpkin portrait
These blocks are in the mail and on their way to Laura! Thanks again for letting me play along!


Mina said...

Totally cute! I like the idea of the portraits (although I have no idea where to start!)

kimluthy said...

I love the portraits; how did you put them on fabric?

Kathy said...

To To cute!!! I love it make a Chihuahua one:)