Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Six-Year Knitting UFO -- Finished!

This baby blanket has been in my pile of UFOs for so long, I only have remote memories of the details. I started it about five or six years ago, when a friend announced she was having her second baby.  Well, the birth came and went, obviously, and the blanket sat for many years mostly finished.  Recently, I needed the size 7 circular needles that the blanket was on, so I forced myself to knit the two rows that required fixing.  It took all of half an hour, which is the story of my life and many defunct projects. 

I do remember the pattern came from a book (that narrows it down, huh?), but flipping through my knitting pattern books, I couldn't come up with the pattern. The yarn is a 100% cotton worsted weight, either by Rowan or Debbie Bliss.

Detail of intarsia color work.

I knitted the rows straight across on a size 7 needle, using intarsia knitting.  I don't like color work much, because of all the skeins of yarn left hanging about during the knitting process, so this was about as complicated I was going to get with color knitting.

This is a seed stitch heart detail, but it didn't show up well in the picture.
If I come across the pattern, I'll definitely post it so I can add it to my Ravelry page as well.  I have another cardi finished but still damp from blocking so I'll post on that next time.

I like the color combinations of gold, red, cream, pink and blues.
The blanket is now destined for a fundraising auction for No. 2's former preschool.  I almost hate to part with it, because the yarn was so expensive and the knitting so tedious -- in addition to not liking color work, I don't like knitting with cotton.  But, my peer group is getting to the point where we're not having very many babies any more.  Plus, it's going to a great cause.

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