Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I was informed by #1 a few days ago that he was in the process of making me a very nice card for Mother's Day.  Mr. Elvy confirmed that #1 has been working on a card at bedtime -- the rule is that he can stay up so long as he 's in his room doing something quiet.  First thing this morning, #1 came down and gave me the card.  It said something like, "Happy Mother's Day.  Please give me a kiss."  That was very sweet, in addition to the gifts I'd already received earlier in the week, because my boys CANNOT keep a secret!

On to sewing, this is my Mother's Day top, which Mr. Elvy called my summer mu-mu (spelling?).  I love this top, it's so comfy and turned out just as I pictured it mentally.

Lisette Tunic by Elvy

The pattern is from the Lisette collection (Simplicity 2245), as is the cotton voile fabric.  Both were purchased at my local JoAnn's. I made View B, which I think is actually supposed to be a (very mini) dress.  I shortened the bodice by two inches, which raised the pockets to a manageable location for me (cause I'm short). 


The fabric was a little difficult to work with at first, mainly because I could not get it to straighten out and line up. I finally cut off quite a bit from both selvedges to get everything to line up without the wavy edge. From there on in, the fabric behaved beautifully for me.


The picture above is the front placket detail, which I thought was a cool little detail. The bottom picture is the button loop closure in the back. I was going to use these shiny red dome buttons at first, but I thought it might be a little uncomfortable to lean back on, so I opted for these oval wood buttons instead.

By far my favorite detail, though, are the pockets. I love these pockets!

If I have time, I'll try to enter it into the Spring Top Week Sewalong over at Made by Rae. It's a pretty neat feature on her blog and a good motivator for spring sewing!

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