Sunday, July 8, 2018

A New Project: The Medallion Quilt

Having been homebound this past week on account of my knee surgery, what better way to spend my time than starting a new quilt project? Although the design for my medallion quilt is pretty much set, I am still struggling with fabric choices. Thus, the final quilt will look different than the EQ7 schematic I initially posted. Here is what I came up with for the center block:

Medallion Quilt - Center Block, Wyoming Valley
This block is called Wyoming Valley and finishes at 24 inches. I am very pleased with how it came together, kinda earthy and dry, based on my memories of my brief visit to Caspar, Wyoming, but with just a pop of color. Fabrics in this block are Art Gallery collections by Katy Jones (Priory Square, background and green) and April Rhodes (Wanderer, mustard and brown).

The PDF of the piecing instructions can be downloaded by clicking on the block at left. I also created a home page for this project, which I will update as new rounds are finished. The home page can be accessed by clicking on the tab at top, or through this link: Medallion Quilt.

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