Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eiko kaleidoscope

I'm trying to get to some of my WIPs that have been lingering way too long. This one started as a test block for Melissa Lunden's Break Dance quilt pattern. I had enough bits and pieces to make up the smallest of the three sizes, a crib sized quilt. Mine finished a bit larger at about 45" x 56" than was indicated on the pattern -- not sure what happened -- maybe I was too skimpy with the seams?

Most of the fabric is from Birch's Eiko collection. Sadly, Eiko prints are getting scarce and won't be re-printed as far as I know. I'm glad I had enough to get this one done!

As I'm looking at the picture below, I'm thinking I should add one more row to the bottom, so that the overall kaleidoscope design will be symmetrical. That would make the quilt 56" x 56", which would be a nice throw size. (No more babies in this household!)

I was so excited to get this one on the longarm.  But now that it looks like I'll be adding another row (hopefully I will have enough scraps for another 5 blocks!!), I'm not quite so irked that the longarm quit on me in the middle of a customer quilt yesterday. I'm waiting for a service call, and hopefully I will get it back up and running soon!

I'm linking up with Lee's weekly WIP Wednesday series. See you there!


Linda in Calif. said...

Way to make the most of a "wait for service call" Lovely pattern and prints. I too hope you have enough for the last row - but if now it still looks good.

Allison said...

To come to the conclusion after the fact that I need to add an extra row is a major set back for me. It feels like one step forward, and two steps back. In my mind I'm finished, but in reality, I have to keep at it. That being said, I hate to say it, but I think one more row would be nice. Nice fabrics!

Greetings from Germany!

Ann said...

Beautiful! I love blocks like this where a secondary pattern emerges once you get them all together. I made a Flowering Snowball quilt this winter and that has that element too. Very nice job!

Kate said...

This is one of my favorite patterns out there right now! I love the fun fabrics you chose too!

Dasha said...

Love the secondary pattern that you can see in that. And I agree. If you have enough to make another row, it really does need it to look "finished".

Anonymous said...

Great pattern, great fabrics. Way to be patient and look at the overall design and be willing to adjust it!