Sunday, June 23, 2013

(Denim) Skirting My Way to a New Summer Wardrobe

A-line skirt 1 Every once in a while I get the urge to do some garment sewing. The urge does not last very long, but usually just long enough for me to get a few pieces done. This week, I made three pairs of summer pajama shorts for the boys. Today, I finished this skirt.

I used Simplicity 1717, which is a nice, basic a-line skirt that is part of Simplicity's Amazing Fit series. The only modification I made was the red piping around the patch pockets.  The fabric is a stretchy denim that I bought as a remnant for $5 a long time ago.  I have some ideas for more tweaks to this pattern, so maybe there will be some more skirts in the future.

A-line skirt 3
Kinda proud of my invisible zipper installation -- too bad I didn't have a matching color on hand!
A-line skirt 2
Some very big patch pockets with pre-fab piping.
A-line skirt 4
And finally, the waistband facing using some American Jane Pezzy print -- scraps from the boys' pajamas.


Mara said...

Love the piping and the zipper is perfect, even the color adds a hidden dash of charm.

Jenya Thompson said...

Love Love Love this skirt!!!