Friday, May 17, 2013

Sensory Overload - Spring Quilt Market 2013

Having read so much about Quilt Market on blogland, I never thought I would be able to attend.  Lucky for me, though, this year's Spring Quilt Market just happened to be in my hometown, Portland, Oregon.  And, wow, I can't even begin to describe the scope of this event.

It actually started yesterday with a series called "Schoolhouse." I didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be pretty easy to navigate.  The short version is that Schoolhouse is a series of break-out sessions running between 15-30 minutes each throughout the day, covering a variety of quilty topics.  There were about 270 different sessions to choose from, if that tells you anything.  I could only stay for half the day, but it was plenty for me.  I was wiped out by the end of the morning.  I attended sessions with Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, and Lila Tueller -- lovely ladies all.  Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me so I didn't get any pictures that are good enough to post.

Today made up for the that in a big way, and I snapped pictures galore.  I didn't even know where to start when I first walked into the room, but I happened to stumble into the Birch booth almost from the start.

Birch 4 Just a few days before Market started, Melissa Lunden of Lunden Designs and I happened to strike up a convo through the store, so we were able to chat in person this morning. Melissa is a very talented pattern designer for Birch, and all of the quilts hanging in this picture were designed, pieced, and quilted by Melissa.  These pictures can't even begin to depict how lovely these quilts are. 

Here are a couple of collections I'm looking forward to having in the store.  This first collection is called Eiko by the in-house design team of Jay-Cyn Designs.  The dress that Cynthia has on in the first picture is made with one of the Eiko prints called Birds Blossoms in Paprika.  The quilt pictured below is Melissa's pattern called Tatami Mat, which you can purchase through her shop.  Eiko comes out in July.

Birch 2 This next collection is one that I am dying to get my hands on, Charlie Harper. The strike-offs were available for view in the booth, as well as these quilts made by Melissa.  As nice as Melissa is, I'm seriously jealous of her.  I mean look at all that lovely fabric she was able to surround herself with!

Birch 1 I've been a long-time of Charlie Harper's art, so it just tickles me that his work has been translated into the quiit world as well.  Great job, Birch!

Birch 3


trinh said...

looks like a lot of fun:)

Paula said...

Looks amazing. The Birch fabrics look amazing, I'll defintiely be keeping an eye out for them in your store.