Friday, December 7, 2012

Burp [Cloths]

I made these burp cloths for #2's teacher, who is just a couple of weeks away from her due date.  I had seen some (over priced ones) at the store, with the same owl print, and thought, "I can make that."  Yup, it took  me about 10 minutes to make all four of these.

Burp Cloths 1

The fabric are remnants that have been in my stash for a looong time.  I simply cut a 5-inch strip across the width of fabric, then sub-cut the strip into 5" x 21"rectangles -- each WOF strip was just enough to make two burp cloths.  I then folded all the raw edges in 1/2 inch, ironed, and then top-stitched onto the pre-made diaper.  The owl print is by Alexander Henry and the red print is by Darlene Zimmerman/Robert Kaufman.  The diapers are Gerber brand from JoAnn's. 

The kids had the baby shower this afternoon, just right before school got out for the weekend.  There is one week of school left before Winter Break, but I'm not so sure the expectant mom is going to be able to hold out for that long!

Burp Cloths 2


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

They are so cute! Love the fabrics you chose

Adam said...

very cute stuff